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Samuel Ability Reveal

Samuel Ability Reveal

  • Vainglory
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  • Aug 10, 2016


Samuel is a dark mage that specializes in not only controlling zones, but advancing and breaking them. He is able to create a large creeping field of evil that both augments his powers and damages foes. As a high DPS hero, he wields two wands with gunslinger-like speed. He also has some great area of effect, draining energy/life and sleep abilities that round out his fearsome repertoire.


Samuel_perkCorrupted Genius (Heroic Perk)

After 6 seconds, Samuel’s next basic attack fires a bolt of dark power at the target, dealing bonus crystal damage. This attack restores some health and energy.

Samuel_AMalice & Verdict (A)

Samuel fires two quick shots from his wands at a target location that impact on the first enemy hit. Samuel can move between the shots. If Samuel is standing inside the field from Drifting Dark, this ability is empowered. While empowered, the shots move faster, travel farther, deal additional damage and burst upon impact dealing damage in a small area. In addition, the cooldown for this ability is significantly reduced.

Samuel_bDrifting Dark (B)

Samuel creates a large field of darkness that slowly drifts forward, damaging enemies who stand inside it. If Samuel also stands inside, he heals for a small amount for each affected target.

Samuel_cOblivion (C)

After a short delay, Samuel summons a phantasm at the target location, which puts nearby enemies to sleep. Enemies inflicted are unable to move or act. Dealing direct damage to a sleeping enemy with an attack or ability will wake them up.

Check back for news and updates about Samuel as we approach Update 1.21’s release.